Scott came and was very professional. He under promised and OVER delivered. We knew what we showed him would be a task and he told us he would do his absolute best. We couldnt be happier. The carpets look so much better and the smell ( my main concern) is GONE. Knight's Floor Care made my carpets look like I didn'd own sick pets. Thank you so much !!

D Chuva


Scott Knight was efficient and very knowledgeable. The results were astonishing, the carpet didn't look like I had 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 boys and 1 husband, A MIRACLE!!!

Heidi Sherrill


Cannot say enough good things about Scott Knight and the business he runs. He is the most knowledgeable carpet cleaner I have ever met. Always goes above and beyond to make sure that the customer is satisfied and the carpet cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Between kids and pets, he has come to my rescue on many occasion to save my carpet. He was referred by a carpet store, and I am thankful to know I can call him for all my carpet needs.



Scott is an amazing cleaner! He did a wonderful job with my carpet, tile and all of my furniture. He was very professional and knowledgable about everything he did, answering any questions I had about the processes he used to clean and the products he used. Without a doubt he is the greatest cleaner I have ever used and I will never use another cleaner besides Knight's floor care!

A. Reese


Distinctive carpet cleaners - I love your work

Donna Filzenhaurer


Good cleaning. They clean places the other contractors don't want to.

A Google User



Very good cleaning company - after them everything is shiny and fresh.

Robert Lopez


This must be the best carpet cleaning company ever! They are so polite and professional.

Richard Harold


This company is super! They are friendly, informative and do a prompt service. I have used them many times. Scott always gives me just a little bit more than I expect(or pay for). I have gotten helpful information on how to care of carpets and floors.

Phyllis L.


I was very impressed with the professionalism and the effort made to give exceptional service. My initial phone call was returned promptly and I received quick service. I am very happy with the honesty and explanation of what to expect and how it will be done. My rugs are looking brand new. My apprehension about getting my rugs cleaned is gone. I could not be happier with the results. I never lost the use of my living space and my house was back in order in 3 hours. Great Experience! which is hard to find these days in a service situation.

Ann H.


Scott takes pride in his work and it shows! He takes his time and in very particular about the results. I had spots and traffic trails that I thought were permanent. He got them out and prevented the need for new carpet. I learned how to extend the cleanliness of my carpet. I avoided the need to replace the carpet for much longer than I anticipated.

Susanne W


Dear Scott You are a magician John and I am delighted with the results of your carpet cleaning. In the more than forty years that I have that rugs cleaned, I certainly have never encountered a more diligent and knowledgeable worker. Obviously you take your business very seriously which is a rare attribute these days. You went about the task in a very professional manner and also greatly enlightened me on the subject of keeping and getting rugs clean. I expect we will see you again soon to service the tile in the lanai. Your sincerely

Wilms B.


This company is professional and knowledgeable about the product being used. A Merlot (red wine) was splashed on my pink carpeting – an area of 2ft x 3ft – Scott brought in a product and worked on the spot. Within a few hours, the spots were lifted, like magic!! We had our grout cleaned throughout the whole house. It has not been this white since we moved in 8 years ago – Also, our carpeting throughout the house loos brand new when Scott is finished. The house is left with a clean smell, product dries quickly and all furniture is replaced as before – Knight Deluxe Service is a company worth recommending.

Glencorse W.


I have used their service couple of times. We were very satisfied with the service and friendliness shown to us. The prompt service was very much appreciated. Cleanest this carpet has ever been! It was a very informative service with a lot of very helpful hints to make maintenance easier. I will never have anyone else to clean our carpet!

Dolores E.


This company is very professional, friendly, knowledgeable of their trade and work with a state-of-the-art equipment. You did a very good job on that piece of our soft leather couch and I was very impressed. Our carpets look brand new! Now I have clean rugs and tips of how to keep them clean. Thank you

Beth B.


We could not find a more friendly and professional person or anyone who knows more about carpet and how to clean it. We are ecstatic about how clean Scott got our carpet. Scott is more than just a carpet cleaning person, he has turned into a friend. He knows more than any one person, about carpet cleaning. That we know and we had many carpet cleaning companies. I learned more in 2 hours about carpet cleaning than I ever dreamed I could.

Russ H.


I feel you are very thorough in the job you do – have knowledge with ref. to carpet and floors beyond most carpet cleaning companies. Overall prompt and courteous service. My carpet had pet stains and water stains, that would not come out – I tried other carpet companies and used store products – Scott was able to lift them out of the carpet. I learned how to care for my carpets and tile floor properly – with regards to certain products not to use. Also I learned how to lift spots from the carpet with a correct product and grout care on my tile floor.

Patricia T.




Knight's Floor Care Inc. was established in 1994 and since then is gladly serving the community of Parrish, FL with a professional carpet cleaning service.



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